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Available Now: "Revolutionary State of Mind" Print Series by Lawrence Jenkins

Liberation Media Northwest is honored to launch our brand new online shop with the release of a new print series titled "Revolutionary State of Mind," created by LMNW artist and contributor Lawrence Jenkins.

This series includes four 9"x12" digital print reproductions on matte card stock of original sharpie ink drawings on paper. Works include "Blood In My Eye", a portrait of George Jackson, "The Fire Next Time", a portrait of James Baldwin, "By Any Means Necessary", a portrait of Malcolm X, and "The New Prisoner", a portrait of Martin Sostre.

100% of print proceeds will go towards Lawrence's freedom campaign, currently raising money for legal fees and re-entry costs.

About The Artist: Lawrence Jenkins

Lawrence "L" Jenkins (he/him), currently incarcerated, is a farmer, self-taught artist, horticulture and art educator/program director, community organizer and abolitionist. L is currently raising money for legal fees and re-entry costs as he strives to get free. You can offer additional support to Lawrence by contributing to or sharing his GoFundMe campaign.

“Over a decade of incarceration has forced me to redefine community based on shared struggle and collective emancipation. I’ve come to realize that solidarity transcends things like race, religion, ability, and gender. What we fight for, collectively, is to get free. When we’re fighting for freedom, we help each other heal, we restore our lives, and we take a chance at a better future.”

About the Revolutionary State of Mind Series

"For me, a portrait in and of itself is not enough to uplift the intellectual contributions that revolutionary thinkers have made to the struggle for liberation, even from the most extreme conditions of confinement inside prison and isolation within society. Art for art's sake is not enough to uplift a class of imprisoned and oppressed people to the level of consciousness and collective action that will liberate us from the forces of oppression that we are being subjected to on a daily basis as we are confronted daily with the systemic and structural violence of racial capitalism, poverty, hunger, disease, helplessness, exploitation, brutality, imprisonment, and other forms of genocide. The complexity of scientific thoughts that went into engineering these social atrocities requires a certain level of critical social resistance to overcome them. Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin—an elder and mentor of mine—once told me if you don't study, you won't survive. Political education is key.

The Revolutionary State of Mind series is an invitation to revolutionary studies for those who dare to imagine to think and to create freely, for those who dare to struggle and dare to win. Martin Sostre’s “The New Prisoner”, George Jackson's “Blood In My Eye”, Malcolm X’s ”By Any Means Necessary”, James Baldwin's “The Fire Next Time” and Lorenzo Ervin’s “Anarchism and the Black Revolution” are just a few texts that keep me grounded in love, solidarity and struggle as I continue to fight for the survival and freedom of not just myself but also those right here with me in captivity.

In honor of Black August and all the revolutionary history and philosophy that the state is trying to bury, I would like to share the Revolutionary State of Mind series in hopes that it will germinate new seeds and new growth for Black liberation and the liberation of all imprisoned and oppressed people worldwide."

How to Get In Touch With Lawrence

By Mail:

Lawrence Jenkins DOC #306665 Stafford Creek Corrections Center Washington, United States Send a letter or message Lawrence on Securus by visiting


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