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Resist DOC suppression of the Cultural Collective

The Cultural Collective at Stafford Creek is a grassroots organization comprised of leaders from various independent cultural groups that include the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Awareness Group, Black Prisoners Caucus, Nuestro Grupo Cultural (formerly Hispanic Cultural Group), and the Native American Circle.

While prison has widely been regarded as a place that thrives on violence, isolation, and division, the Cultural Collective transcends negative stereotypes by working in solidarity to uplift the voices of those most marginalized, and empowering those directly impacted by an unjust system.

The cultural awareness groups that make up the Cultural Collective have a long legacy of resistance, tradition, and love. They provide prisoners with a  platform for true growth and liberation through cultural preservation - while building community and creating safe spaces for healing.

As of March 2023, there is currently a complete shutdown of all culture groups across the state pending revision of DOC culture group policy.


The Cultural Group Policy that the Cultural Collective agreed upon in 2018 is available here:


Call to Action

Call to Action

These are the officials in charge from three different offices.

Please contact all officials to help us fight for accountability.

Let them know about the suspension of cultural groups, our demands, and why they should be reinstated.

Washington Department of Corrections

Cheryl Strange
DOC Secretary


Sean Murphy
DOC Deputy Secretary
Lisa Flynn
Director of Correctional Services


Chris Poulos
Director of Person-Centered Services
Jarrod Irven
Accessibility Manager
Yen Huynh
Equity Diversity Inclusion and Respect Director


Dawn Taylor
Family Services Manager


Governor Inslee's Office

Send the office an e-message through this form.

Jamila Thomas
Chief of Staff
Dontae Payne
Senior Policy Advisor, Civil Rights & Racial Justice


Sydney Forrester
Senior Policy Advisor, Human Services


Barbara Serrano
Senior Policy Advisor, Public Safety


Washington Office of Equity

Incarcerated community leaders have read your policy.

It is not being implemented.

Contact their office using this form.

Karen Johnson, PhD
Inaugural Director


Carolyn Cole, Esq
Assistant Director, Equity, Access, and Belonging


Collective Cultural Convictions Zine


Cultural Collective Convictions

On April 1st, 2023, community members and organizers joined in conversation with currently and formerly incarcerated members of the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Awareness Group, Black Prisoners Caucus, Nuestro Grupo Cultural, Formerly Incarcerated Group Healing Together, and several other groups at the Asian Counseling and Referral Service center in Seattle, WA. This event featured  voices from across the state to share information and a call to action around the negative impacts that WA Department of Corrections has placed upon the cultural awareness groups inside the state's prisons. 


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